Is Colusa County the Best Budget Mix of Town and Country?

The great thing about Colusa County is that it offers a great mix of both town and country living. Not only do you get access to gyms, schools, government offices, great restaurants, and public amenities, you also get to enjoy a tremendous amount of open space.

If you’ve always had this idea of California being a place where there are a lot of green trees, open sky, and a lot of open space, then Colusa County has you covered. It really does.

Best of all, it is not inaccessible.

Seriously. When you decide to live in this part of the country, it’s not like you’re somehow, someway transported 50 years back or worst yet, transported into some sort of inaccessible foreign or downright hostile wilderness.

While a lot of people love to joke around with that type of imagery, the truth of the matter is that Colusa County has a major highway running through it. You’re really not that far away from a major city, whether we’re taking about San Francisco, any of the cities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, or Sacramento.

You only need to hop on a highway from Colusa County and you will find yourself where you need to go in a relatively convenient amount of time. It’s not like you take some sort of hyper drive trip that propels you out of the bounds of any acceptable distance.

It’s not that far. This is why a lot of people are beginning to wake up to the great value Colusa County brings to the table, as far as affordable housing and an amazing lifestyle are concerned.

In fact, some of its boosters say that it’s a great budget mix of town and country. If you’re to ask people who live in Colusa County if that is an accurate statement, you would get a resounding yes.

On all points, it’s absolutely true. Is it a budget place?

Absolutely. When you compare the average home price in this part of California to similar-sized homes in the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area or even in the city of San Francisco itself, there is no comparison.

Those places are just too expensive. We’re talking about real estate prices that are way over $1,000,000. Think about that for a second. To just move into San Francisco and buy your own place, you have to have $1,000,000. Crazy.

You don’t have that with Colusa County. You can pay a fraction. We’re talking about as low as 10%. Also, after a while, if you live in the city, you get cabin fever.

You can only take living in a concrete jungle for so long. While you may live in a single detached home, you might be surrounded by concrete boxes.

This has an effect on your mindset and collective psychology. Given the toxic mix of city pollution, gridlock, traffic, the hustle and bustle, and the everyday stress of city living, it can all prove to be a bit too much.

Believe it or not, people need green space. They need to commune with nature. They need their daily dose of greenery.

When they look at the scenery out there and everything is green and alive and they look up to see a tremendous amount of space, their sense of possibility comes back. They feel that things are possible.

They feel that they’re not boxed in. They feel that there are so many endless opportunities. This is the reason why a lot of people are moving to Colusa County. Book a trip yourself. Check it out and see for yourself why people are raving about this part of California. There’s definitely a lot to recommend.