What is so Awesome about Colusa County Anyway?

When it comes to real estate and standard of living, there is really no magic bullet, one-size-fits-all answer. There’s definitely no golden standard.

There are fantasies.

There are ideals, but in terms of realistic guideline that you can go with and use to actually make practical decisions, you have to compare. That’s the bottom line. Everything is comparative.

Hollywood may talk a good game about ideal towns, cities, and suburbs but Hollywood can afford to engage in such fantasies.

After all, that is what their industry is about. However, if you want the cold hard truth you need to ask any city planner or city manager and they will tell you straight up that there is no such thing as a perfect city or county. Everything is comparative. It would be quite unfair to compare a city or town that doesn’t have much of a budget to another locale with a lot more resources.

However, if you were to do an apples to apple type of comparison for Colusa County and others similarly situated, we are proud of the fact that we stand out quite well.

If you’re going to ask what makes Colusa County so awesome, the natural question that you should follow up with should be obvious: Compared to which areas?

It’s all about comparison. Increasingly, more and more residents from the San Francisco Bay Area and even Southern California have rediscovered the distinct charm and attraction of living out there in the countryside with most of the amenities of the city.

In other words, they’re looking to have their cake and eat it too. They’re looking to have it both ways. They’re looking to enjoy a kind of lifestyle for themselves and their families where they get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you lived in the part of the country that is still affordable to you and which can ensure that you get a decent-sized house without breaking the bank, but at the same time, you still have access to the creature comforts that the city brings to the table? For the longest time, this was a fantasy.

For the longest time, people who thought this way and who expected this are essentially asking for too much.

Well, given how development has spread out through the Central Valley of California as people move far, far away quickly from the San Francisco Bay area as well as Silicon Valley, this is no longer as crazy as it sounds.

This is no longer as far-fetched as before. People are moving to Central Valley and they are voting with their feet. Who can blame them?

Not everybody has $1,000,000 lying around to buy a house. Not everybody makes north of $100,000 a year. Not everybody wants to live in a crowded city that suffers from traffic gridlock all day every day.

This why Colusa County and surrounding counties, both up and down the Golden State of California, start looking very good compared to other saturated and over-developed parts of the state. That is what is so awesome about Colusa County. To say that it is an up and coming preferred residential spot in California would be an understatement indeed.